About us

In the early 1990's John Hodges and Tim White were operating a successful, award winning kitchen renovation company located in Brisbane. Our experience in kitchen design and manufacture gave us a distinct advantage in determining the features a cabinet maker appreciates, the look that designers require and the practical function that the customer desires.

At the time, client requests for appliance cupboards were frustrated due to a limited range of materials and sizes, difficulty of installation and varying pelmet heights of tambour doors commercially available. In response to the problem, a patent was registered in 1994 and production began of our Tambortech Tambor Door which embodied many new features and revolutionised kitchen design.

From these beginnings we have gone on to specialise in design and manufacture of door solutions that meet the design challenges of modern kitchens, continually innovating and investing in new processes and materials to renew our product offerings.

The Luxul brand name has replaced these three well known brands in the Hodge Systems suite of products:

Alsert Doors
Tambortech Doors
Glassic Doors