Luxul Tambour doors

Kitchen roller door, roller shutter or tambour door - whatever you call it, we make it!

Tambour Doors are Australia's best kept secret! The doors roll up without impeding on your benchtop, workspace or corridor. You will be amazed at how these doors transform kitchens by creating more space, concealing clutter and combining designer elegance that home owners dream of.

We have been manufacturing tambour doors since 1994. Luxul tambour doors are made-to-measure, customisable, bespoke cabinet door solutions manufactured to suit your renovation dreams and can be retrofitted to existing cabinetry.


Applications for Luxul Tambour doors

“Roller Shutters” have evolved far beyond their original popular use as bench-end cupboards. They are now a trusted, sleek solution for any situation where doors cannot occupy any additional footprint. They are great for laundries, media cabinets, kitchen pantries, appliance cupboards and beverage cabinets when space, looks, and functionality are paramount in your design. They create more space, conceal clutter and exude designer elegance in a wide range of finishes including timber, aluminium, laminate and acrylic. We even have a push-button model for large doors.


Available from all kitchen designers, kitchen suppliers and cabinetmakers. For more information, click the links below.