Aluminium framed doors (including mirrors)

The following list of documents contain Luxul's aluminium framed and aluminium framed mirror doors technical specifications:

Integrated clear anodised handles

The integrated handles for Luxul's aluminium framed doors are available in 3 sizes. These handles can be positioned anywhere on the door frame but no less than 60 mm from any corner on either the horizontal or vertical edge.

The handles are 197mm, 147mm and 35mm in length, in the clear anodised finish and are only suitable for Box profiles. Positional measurements are required for factory fitting.

The integrated handle is suitable for most hardware applications such as Lift Up Bi-folds, Hinged doors, Spring Flap doors, Up & Over doors, Sliding Bi-Fold doors, Microwave doors & Drawer fronts.

Colour matching

Final installed painted doors may appear to vary from the colour selected.

The usual causes are: the colour is viewed through the glass, position, lighting, competing colours, glass type and processing conditions.

Due to differing thickness of glass, differences in reflective surfaces and the variance of cabinet materials to glass, we can not guarantee an exact colour match to other materials and other glass products.

We will only guarantee a match to our samples – no other claims based on colour variation will be accepted. These samples comprise those in our trade partner showrooms or requested at the time of ordering. 

Our glass production inspection guidelines

Glass is to be inspected at an angle perpendicular [90 degrees] to the surface and viewed under natural light i.e. not in direct sunlight or under bright lighting. Clear or translucent glass is to be inspected from a viewing distance of 1.5 metres looking through the glass to a point 1 metre behind the glass.

The general purpose of glass is to be looked through – not at. The above applies to mirrors in as much as mirrors are designed to show a reflection – not focusing on the surface.

Seeds, bubbles and spots smaller than 1 mm are acceptable in any number. Those inclusions that are between 1 mm and 3 mm are allowable as long as there is no more than 1 per panel.

Please Note:- Australian standards allow for inclusions up to 5 mm in diameter.