Aluminium framed mirror doors

Aluminium framed mirror doors are custom-made with the highest quality German furniture grade aluminium. We offer the largest range of  frame profiles and a variety of colours. for mirror doors in Australia. Suitable for shaving cabinet doors, sliding doors, bi-fold cabinet doors and wardrobe doors.

The 50/01 aluminium frame is the most suitable profile for Aluminium framed Mirror doors. This allows the visible outside edge of the aluminium to be barely visible at only 1mm wide. The advantage of having your vanity cabinet doors with a complete outside frame helps to prevent cracks and chips, due to being knocked during use. It is also some protection from chemical residue from hand care products and the like that may cause issues such as mirror creep. 


Available from all kitchen designers, kitchen suppliers and cabinetmakers.  For more information, click the links below,

Luxul aluminium framed mirror doors