How To Shop

1. Click on Quote/Order

2. If you are registered click Login. If you are not registered, you can place an order as a Guest Customer or you can click here to register.

3. Enter the quantity, size, material, accessories and other details required to order doors. Click on Preview Door Costing. If there are no errors when creating your unique door, an Add To Cart button will appear for Guest Users or a Add to Cart or Save Quote will appear for registered account users. Click on it.

4. A Pop up window will come up with 2 options: Add Another Door or View Cart

5. If you click on Add Another Door the Pop up will disappear and you will be able to add more doors to your order.

6. If you click View Cart you will see the doors you have added to your cart and checkout options. You can modify quantities or remove doors using the icons in each item.

7. Guest Customers will only have the Place Order option. Registered users will have the option to Save Quote as well.

8. If Registered users click Save Quote, they'll have to enter the name for the quote or add this cart to an existing quote .

9. If Place Order is clicked instead, the Checkout Process will start.

Checkout Process

Step 1 - Customer Details

  • In this section you can add your invoicing information such as: company information, billing address and shipping address.
  • If you are a registered user and logged in, your contact details will be populated automatically from your account information. Otherwise, you'll have to type in your details. Guest customers will always have to enter their details.
  • If you need to change your company information, billing address or shipping address you can do it in this section. You can also type in the Additional Information field any special requests you might have.
  • Click Continue

Step 2 - Review order and pay

  • In this section you can see the details of your order. Please review them carefully. If you want to change something, click Back to go to Customer Details and make the changes required.
  • Scroll all the way down to see payment methods. All users will have the credit card, Paypal and POLi Payments options. Registered credit customers will be able to use our Credit Facility.
  • Click on Place Order

Step 3 - Order Confirmation

  • Your order has been submitted. Depending on your payment method, different things could happen:
    • If you Paid using Paypal or POLi Payments, you'll be redirected to their websites. Then follow their instructions for payment. When you finish the process you'll be sent back to our website.
    • If you pay with a Credit Card, you just have to enter your credit card details. No credit card records are kept on this website
    • For registered credit customers, no extra information is required
  • You'll get a confirmation message for your order, with the order number. You'll also receive an order acknowledgement email.