Hinged doors

The most common type of cabinet door. Pre-drilled with the type of hinges you select.


Doors can be ordered with or without hinge drilling.

Our online ordering system is designed to automatically suggest the correct number of hinges determined by the height, width and weight of the door.

Hinge types


Hinges for aluminium profiles

All 35 mm hinge holes will be drilled by Luxul. The default hinge hole drilling is 96 mm to centre from Top & Bottom and then evenly spaced in between unless otherwise specified.

The system will allow you to override the number of hinges and positions to suit your particular measurements. NOTE:- the hinge hole centre must be no less than 78mm from the corners of the door.

Cup hinges available in 95°, 110°, 120°, 155°, & 165°.

Touch to open

Touch to open fittings can be used when no handle is required.

Soft close

Soft close fittings can be used.

Size availability