Outdoor Kitchen Doors

Few projects are as satisfying as a well-built outdoor kitchen. The perfect blending of nature and convenience, these outdoor spaces are used, shared and appreciated frequently by home owners and their guests.
The elements can be cruel, and it doesn’t take much moisture, sun and wind to diminish unsuitable materials such as laminate. Why take chances with inferior materials?

It takes a special kind of door to stand up to nature and look great doing it.


Which door interts are suitable for inside your home, al fresco or outdoor kitchens?

Download the Insert Specifications PDF to check compatibility.

Our glass and aluminium based cabinet doors stand the test of time and, years later, look as beautiful as they did the day they were installed. In fact, we think they are so good, we offer a 10 year warranty.

However, you will need more than a few wonderful doors to make your perfect outdoor kitchen.

Consult one of our trade partners using the postcode search below for more information on:

  • The barbecue location
  • Your design requirements
  • Benchtop and cupboard material recommendations
  • A quotation for your custom built outdoor kitchen.

All, of course, with our fabulous Luxul Doors.