Tambour doors with electric motors

Larger tambour doors can be automated with an electric motor. Imagine simply pushing a button and the tambour door opens or closes as you wish. Apart from the wow factor, motorised tambour doors provide practical benefits to home residents that may have physical impairments.

The electric motor is fitted inside the front roller to complement the normal spring powered back roller. The two power sources work in tandem - the spring creates neutral weight balance and the electric motor friction drives the tambour door.

The tambour door can be manually raised [not lowered] in the event of a loss of power, electric motor failure or if the remote controller is lost or malfunctions. Also, if the door is obstructed during operation, the electric motor will not be damaged.

The minimum width for electric tambour doors is 560 mm. Locks are not recommended for electric tambour doors.

Comes complete with wireless controller. To avoid loss or damage, the controller must be wall mounted in bracket provided. Can be mounted anywhere in the room.