Kitchen splashback storage

The Luxul / Tambourtech door presents the modern kitchen with a hidden surprise - the splashback pantry or secret pantry. Continue reading and view the gallery below for more Kitchen splashback ideas.

The kitchen looks normal – benchtop, splashback and overhead cupboards. Voila.....the splashback rolls up to reveal a storage space capable of housing a full complement of goods.

Any combination of appliances, crockery, glassware, food stuffs, groceries, cereals, spices, etc can be stored directly in your benchtop preparation area.

Ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium or for larger kitchens wanting a slick, no clutter, no fuss design. Like all Tambortech products, when people call, your clutter can be quickly concealed. Just close the door. It is that simple.

The splashback pantry is the essential inclusion required to create your ultimate kitchen.