Beverage cupboard

Overhead cupboard doors can be awkward to use, but, with a full height Luxul tambour door every shelf of your cupboard can be easily accessed. There are no unwieldy hinged doors making it difficult to reach items stored at the top.

The swing handle enables you to gain access to the top shelves of the cupboard and when the Luxul tambour door is closed, the handle automatically tucks away.

With your appliances already connected to power just open your sleek Luxul tambour door and slide out your jug or toaster. When you have finished using the appliance, just place it inside the cupboard and close the door. A quick, no fuss solution.

Luxul tambour doors are available in a variety of materials and finishes to complement your cabinetry choice including high gloss laminate, vinyl, solid timber, timber veneer, two pack and, also, aluminium.

For a sleek modern look that complements your kitchen and provides a practical working space make sure you choose a Tambortech Door for your appliance cupboard.