Appliance cupboard

The appliance cupboard is essential for most kitchens, but, with a Luxul tambour door, it soon becomes the ultimate appliance cupboard.

Unlike hinged, bi-fold or lift-up doors, the entire space in front of your appliance cupboard can be utilized.

With your appliances already connected to power just open your sleek Luxul tambour door and slide out your jug or toaster. When you have finished using the appliance, just place it inside the cupboard and close the door. A quick, no fuss solution.

Your kitchen remains uncluttered without sacrificing the convenience of having your appliances stored on the benchtop.

The depth of the unit can be tailor made to accommodate whatever appliance you choose to store. If you simply want your jug and toaster hidden away then a depth of 340 mm will provide ample space.