2 pack or painted tambour doors

Manufactured from moisture resistant medium density fibreboard [MDF MR] or from moisture resistant medium density fibreboard with single side white melamine paper [Paintgrade MR].

These materials have a special water resistant resin providing moisture resistant properties and increased stability and offer a choice of raw MDF surface or white paper surface ready for 2 pack or painting by your profesional painter.

Slats are supplied with either square edges or 2 mm radiused edges.

The 2 mm radiused edge minimizes paint build up.

We recommend that tambour doors should be sprayed in a flat position and that dust, etc. be properly blown out from between the slats after each coat.

MDF MR & paintgrade MR tambour doors are supplied with full width BULLNOSED machine grade raw MDF MR Handle.

2 Pack or Painted Tambour Doors